1988 - Begins the planning of Vidrio Formas. Its constituted in August 8th of that year.

1990 - Vidrio Formas S.A. de C.V. start operations. In the beginning, systems of manual manufacture and others completely mechanical were utilized. Those production of containers were limited to a maximum of 15 tons a day.

1993 - With the support of an American producer, the plant, through the enlargement of the furnace utilized up till, was modernized achieving a production of 50 tons a day, almost all directed to tequila market. Manual manufacture is eliminated.

1993 a 1999 - The company focus in glass containers production for wine & liquors segment, especially directed to Tequila market.

1994 - Because of this year's economical crisis in the country, the financial structure faced several difficulties , which conducive to a share restructure with the participation of an American Investment Fund Hicks Muse, Tate & Furst Inc, who contributed capital to maintain the business in operation and to finance productive plant's modernization.

1997 - The construction of the new furnace is finished, with modern and totally automatic equipment, the production reached is of approximately 140 tons a day. The company participates in the alimentary industry with the process of press and blow to manufacture containers with the characteristics regarding for this industry. The utilization of natural gas for the processes of combustion is obtained.

2000 - Because of the Agave Crisis, Vidrio Formas enters with great effort in other segments, putting emphasis in the food market.

2001 - In September of this year, it set up a new line of production focus in containers with a maximum capacity of 500ml. Increase the capacity to 160 ton a day.

2004 - The company increases their installation capacity to 180 ton due the operation of an additional system of burners in the vault of the furnace. Utilizing the resources generated by the last 8 years of successful performance, and taking advantage of the favorable macroeconomic conditions at the moment, the business lives a new one financial restructures that permits to the Fund HMTF Inc. to be disinvested. Vidrio Formas becomes again 100% Mexican capital.

Vidrio Formas Today
The business is guaranteed like a world class producer, utilizing the most advanced technology of combustion in the market and achieves exceptional levels of quality and service recognized by its main clients.