Vidrio Formas is committed to understand the requirements of its customers, and to manufacture the best containers that will meet their needs.
Our products fulfill international standards by using the most advance and cleanest combustion technologies in the world.


VIDRIO FORMAS S.A. DE C.V. will produce and deliver to all his clients, products and services that will meet or exceed their expectations and needs To perform them we do as follows:

1. We will listen, analyze and understand the specific needs of each client.
2. We will establish the internal procedures that assure that all our containers are produced and inspected according to the needs of each client.
3. We will sample statistically all the finished articles to assure that the needs of the client have been fulfilled.
4. We will support the client if they require it, so that our articles can be used satisfactorily and thus they arrive to the end consumer.


Since we are an important part of the supply chain for food and beverages as a manufacturer of containers for human consumption, Vidrio Formas is committed to manufacturing innocuous containers through design, implementation and verification of the HACCP standards and therefore, fulfilling our clients' expectations.
Through this policy, we inform our personnel, clients, vendors and shareholders of our commitment to maintaining the highest level of food safety in our containers.
For this reason, all personnel are trained and given all the tools in HACCP and GMP. The upper management is committed to verifying the fulfillment of this important policy and assuring the continuous production based on it.


Vidrio Formas and Calidad en Vidrio are committed to the environment using eco-friendly technology and complying with the government regulations based on our Environmental Management Program.

We encourage our staff to help improve the environment, to reduce their impact through optimization of resources, providing the necessary training for its protection, the proper use of natural resources and the continuous improvement of processes. It's the Upper Management's commitment to verify compliance with this Environmental Policy.


Vidrio Formas and Calidad en Vidrio are dedicated to the protection of life and limb, the health of employees, visitors, contractors, suppliers and investors, always in compliance with applicable government laws and internal policies.

We are committed to facilitating actions to help identify, control or eliminate hazards that could cause injuries and illnesses to workers and to prevent damage to equipment and facilities through our Safety Management Program and Occupational Health.
We will provide training in accident prevention and health risks, to generate a culture of individual and collective commitment and self-care among our workers. It is the Management's commitment to verify compliance with this Policy of Occupational Safety and Health.